Looking for homeschool inspiration that is available 24/7, rather than just at annual conferences? The LDSHE Resource Library is what you need!

Audio Library

An invaluable resource for you, unique in the world of homeschooling: over a thousand recorded presentations from fourteen years of LDSHE conferences. There are presentations for youth and adults on every topic applicable and useful to home-educating families.

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Book Corner

Have you been searching for some great reads? We've compiled a list of books written by our fabulous presenters or recommended in LDSHE classes over the years. We're continuing to add to this collection, so visit us again and again for inspiring and useful book recommendations. 

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Article Library

Some days you just need a quick pick-me-up: ideas and practical help to manage life as a homeschool mom. Some days you may need encouragement that you will survive and your kids will turn out OK. We have articles that will refill the oil in your lamp.

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Quote Collection

We have gathered some of our favorite quotes from LDS authorities and educational experts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

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Newsletter Collection

Did you miss one of our monthly newsletters? They are full of great tips and articles.

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LDSHE Podcasts 

Here's another way to improve the "awesome level" in your homeschool: LDSHE now has a Podcast channel! Each month we'll publish a couple of our favorite LDSHE talks as podcasts, which are available to stream from our LDSHE Podcast page, from iTunes, or through an RSS feed. It's highly possible that this will just whet your appetite to dig into the rest of the 1000 talks on the Audio Library. Consider this an appetizer!

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Just for YOUth

LDSHE is THE PLACE to be in May during our two annual conferences. But what about the rest of the year? Find out how to stay connected all year long on our Just for YOUth page.

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