Frequently Asked Questions

General Question for LDSHE

Where did my LDSHE account go?

In January 2019 we moved our main website, and it will take us a while to move all the Resource Library items. If you have purchased recordings or an Audio Library subscription, they are still accessible by logging into When registering for 2019 Conferences, you will need to create a user name and password on the new site. We recommend that you use the same one that you used previously on our site, to make things seamless for you. 

What is LDSHE?

Latter-day Saint Home Educators (LDSHE) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, which began holding annual conferences in the east in 2004. Beginning in 2016, LDSHE launched a second annual conferences in the west.  The conferences consist of Home Education Conference for parents, a Youth Education Conference, a Beginners’ Seminar, and a specialized pre-conference seminar, all of which vary in focus from year to year. These conferences and seminars provide an opportunity for LDS homeschool families to gather for instruction and fellowship. A Vendor Marketplace provides opportunities for families to view and purchase educational materials.

LDSHE also hosts a Resource Library with many free helps for homeschool families. Our conference classes are uploaded as audio files each year, and become a subscription-based Audio Library of over a thousand presentations for adults and youth.

What is the mission of LDSHE?

Our mission is to support, strengthen, and inspire Latter-day Saint families in home-centered education.

Is LDSHE sponsored or endorsed by the LDS Church?

Latter-day Saint Home Educators is not officially affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. However, we strive to ensure that all LDSHE educational presentations, activities, and website resources support the official doctrine and standards of the Church.

Who are the LDSHE organizers?

Our volunteers are active home educators themselves, striving to provide support to other LDS families. Board and Committee members work year-round to provide annual conferences and other resources for the homeschooling community. All volunteers, Board and Committee members are unpaid and donate their time.

I’m excited about the mission of LDSHE. How do I help?

We are glad you are interested in supporting our mission. We have many positions that need to be filled every year in order to keep the organization functioning. If you are interested in helping, you can  use our Contact Us form.

Conference Questions

Where did my LDSHE account go?

In January 2019 we moved our main website, and it will take us a while to move all the Resource Library items. If you have purchased recordings or an Audio Library subscription, they are still accessible by logging into When registering for 2019 Conferences, you will need to create a user name and password on the new site. We recommend that you use the same one that you used previously on our site, to make things seamless for you. 

What does the conference registration price include?

Spouses are free at LDSHE! Simply fill in your spouse's information and we will have a name tag waiting for them. Each adult registration includes a Conference Guidebook with handouts from most classes plus a totebag. Youth Education Conference registrants receive a guidebook for their conference, a knapsack, snacks, and a free Youth Education Conference t-shirt!
There is no additional cost to attend the evening activities, which are open to the whole family. Come enjoy a dance which is TRULY family-oriented (annual favorite!) plus a Youth Talent show and other activities.

What are the LDSHE Home Education Conferences and Seminars?

Every year, LDSHE organizes and hosts a conferences and seminars for youth and adults. The purpose is to provide a place to learn about home education-related topics in an environment of LDS gospel principles and revealed truth. It is a place to learn new teaching and parenting skills, a place to discuss idealistic principles of education and a place to inspire parents and youth to reach for excellence in their homeschools. We realize that friendship and fellowship are also very important, so the conference also is a place for LDS homeschool families to meet each other and find support in these associations.

Who sets the prices?

Most of our membership consists of one-income families, and we fully understand that finances are an important issue. As an all volunteer non-profit, LDSHE does not try to make a profit from our conferences—we try very hard to keep the costs as low as we can while providing the best conference experience possible. That being said, we do have to “break even” on the conference in order to have one the next year. The registration price for the conference helps to pay for everything from renting meeting space to the transportation costs for the speakers to conference supplies and so much more.

Each year we offer free registration for all spouses. We also offer special discounts for combined seminar packages and multiple sibling discounts for families with two or more teens. We hope that these price breaks help offset the cost to the family, while allowing us to meet the financial obligations needed to provide the conferences year after year.

What is the LDSHE refund policy?

Refunds will be granted on a pro-rated basis. Full refunds (less any credit card fees) will be granted prior to April 25, 2019. After April 25, 2019, when we must place orders for conference supplies, a 50% refund (less any credit card fees) will be granted. Refunds for the Williamsburg conference must be requested by May 6, 2019. Refunds for the Logan conference must be requested by May 20, 2019. 

Use the Contact Us form to request a refund

I know that you have a concurrent conference for youth ages 12-18, but do you have any accommodations for younger children?

At this point, we do not provide child care during the conference. We simply are not of a size that would allow us to be able to hire the child-care providers, furnish the activities/supplies/snacks and cover the insurance costs that a program like this would require. Even if mothers were to volunteer to take turns with the younger children, LDSHE would need to rent the additional space, which would increase the cost of the conference.

Of course, nursing babies are welcome at the conference, but we ask that all background noise be eliminated, due to the video and/or audio recordings which take place in each session of the conference.  We do provide a Mothers' Lounge with live video feed from an ongoing session if you need to take a noisy baby out of a session.

And check out our Dads and Kids activities, being offered at both conferences. Make LDSHE a family vacation by bringing along dad, a grandparent, or another friend or relative to go on outings with the kids while mom and the teens are in classes.

I’ve never been to an LDSHE conference before—what can I expect?

Come ready to learn! One of the most common comments we get is along the lines of “I wasn’t expecting EVERY class to have something for me!” or “Wow, I learned so much yesterday, I think my brain is full!” Many attendees are most impressed with the spirit that attends the conference. We love to hear those comments. We want you to feel like this conference was worth your precious time and money to attend.

In general, the classes will start at about 8:30 in the morning and continue until 5:00 p.m., with an hour and a half for lunch. We also have family-oriented evening activities which provide the whole family--all ages--an opportunity to form new friendships (or re-new old ones!) in a relaxed environment.

Dress is casual or business casual. You will receive a Conference Guidebook with speaker handouts and other important information, which our attendees love to fill with their notes and thoughts. Three to six classes are available most hours, and you do not need to pre-register for a specific presentation (any adjustment to this policy will be announced). 

Our youth already have the options of attending EFY and our church-sponsored Youth Conference. What makes the LDSHE Youth Education Conference different?

We are not trying to replace church-sponsored Youth Conference or EFY—in fact, our mission has a separate focus from these programs.

The purpose of LDSHE Youth Education Conference is to provide a safe place for LDS homeschooled youth to meet and forge friendships with other like-minded youth. The conference focuses on education, with classes designed to help youth in their (sometimes unique) position of being LDS and a homeschooler. We strive to make the youth conference a place of spirit-filled learning, helping the youth discover their own life’s mission and the steps they need to take to fulfill it.

My son/daughter has never been to an LDSHE conference before—what can she/he expect?

Your child should be ready to have a wonderful time…and learn a lot! While there are plenty of fun activities (and snacks) to break up the day, the primary purpose of the conference is to provide a stimulating and inspiring learning environment. Parents should determine if their youth are ready to attend group classes and be a respectful audience to the speakers.

How do you select speakers for the Conferences and Seminars?

LDSHE has an Adult and Youth Education Conference Team for both East and West conferences. Youth teams have both youth and parents working together. Teams meet both in person and many weeks by conference call to plan the best education conference experience they can. They select proven speakers that they know will provide stimulating and inspiring classes. Often, suggestions come from conference survey forms or past conference attendees. Those interested in presenting at our conference can submit their information by using the Contact Us form.

Can I bring a youth to the conference that is not related to me (a friend's child, my child's best buddy, etc.)?

For many reasons (including insurance liability, emergency medical considerations, and other issues), we do not allow parents to bring youth to the conference other than their own children.

Can I attend the Youth Conference if my parents are not attending the adult conference?

All youth registered for the LDSHE Youth Education Conferences and Seminars must have a parent who is registered for the LDSHE Conference and who must be present at the conference center. No exceptions.

Parents are responsible for their own youth. LDSHE is not able to chaperone outside of the planned class and daytime activities; we chaperone activities, not individual youth.

My son/daughter is turning 12 this year. Can he/she come?

We do not allow youth who are younger than 12 or older than 18 at the time of the Conference to attend the East Youth Education Conference. A very few exceptions may be granted (i.e. the birthday is a few days after the conference, etc.), but each case must be approved by the LDSHE Youth Conference Director.

The Board and West Conference Team have decided to allow eleven-year-old youth who turn twelve in 2019 to attend the Logan Youth Education Conference in May 2019. Parents of youth who are eleven may be asked to serve as chaperones for part of the conference, as needed. Eleven-year-olds are being admitted on a trial basis only; we will use observations and data gathered this year to determine whether to continue this policy in 2020.

The policy change is, in part, because the Logan Youth Education Conference is still relatively small, and we feel we can add in these younger youth and still help them have a good experience. We plan our conferences in the summer/fall of each year, and will be able to make adjustments to the 2020 conferences if we feel we should continue to offer programming for these youth.

Why do you offer “pre-conference” seminars?

The families that make up LDSHE are a very diverse group, and practice many different styles of homeschooling (structured, flexible, classical, unschooling, etc.). When we design our conferences we try to support the needs of as many families as possible. Pre-conference seminars allow for more in-depth study of specific educational styles or topic. In the past, we have hosted pre-conference seminars focused on the Charlotte Mason Method, Thomas Jefferson Education, the Constitution, teaching writing, hands-on learning, homeschooling high school, and others.

We also see a need to focus specifically on the needs of the beginning home schoolers. Therefore we provide a special pre-conference Beginners' Seminar, designed to teach and discuss the particular needs of those parents who are in the first few years of home education.

Our Wednesday Youth Seminar is focused on friendship each year, and is a wonderful way for the youth to kick off a great conference experience and makes some new friends that are "just like me!"

Audio Library Questions

How do I access my Audio Library subscription?

In January 2019 we moved our main website, and it will take us a while to move all the Resource Library items. If you have purchased recordings or an Audio Library subscription, they are still accessible by logging into When registering for 2019 Conferences, you will need to create a user name and password on the new site. We recommend that you use the same one that you used previously on our site, to make things seamless for you. 

How do I use an Audio Library subscription?

An active Audio Library subscription allows you to listen to any class on the Audio Library. Simply log in to your account, then browse to any class you'd like to stream.

  • Browse by Topic
  • Browse by Year
  • Browse by Presenter
  • Browse by Collections (useful for finding a group of classes that "goes together" which you can then stream from each individual class page)

On the Browse page you will see green "Listen Now" buttons, which will take you to the individual class page, where you can read a description, listen to a Preview, download class handouts and visuals (if available), and begin the Full Stream. If you have already played the Preview, sometimes you may need to refresh the page before the Full Stream will play.

That's it -- Enjoy! 

I see that some of the album covers say "Mentor Mom"--what is that?

Everyone loves our Mentor Mom classes! These are classes that are taught by actively homeschooling parents, showing "how we do this in our home."    Mentor Mom classes tend to be very practical and might be a bit less polished than some of our professional speakers, but they're always popular because attendees find them to be inspirational, motivational, and to have daily application in their own homeschool. Many of these classes focus on the "Mom" part of "Homeschool Mom": family work, organization, schedules, and "How in the world do we get all this done?!" 

Why are the recordings different prices?

Classes that are 45 to 90 minutes in length are $4.99. Some classes are around 30 minutes, and those are priced at $3.99. We also offer some bargain classes for $0.99, which are either very short classes, very visual classes, or are classes which have a recording problem--these things are noted in the class description.

How do I cancel an automatic renewal subsciption?

Just send an email through "Contact Us". We will email you with a confirmation when the subscription is cancelled.

What is the difference between "streaming" and "downloading" a recording?

Streaming a recording requires a live, uninterrupted internet connection.  The recording is not stored on your device.  Downloading stores the recording permanently on your smart phone or computer, allows you to create a CD from the recording, or to put it on your MP3 player.

What is an Audio Library Subscription and what are the advantages to being an subscriber?

Audio Library subscribers have access to any recording, any time, from anywhere they have internet access.  Just log in to your account, go to the recording page, and click the play button.  This will start the recording streaming to your device.  Since, just like a library subscription, you won't be able to keep a permanent copy of the recording, if you are going to be traveling and may lose internet access, you may wish to purchase and download the class to your smart phone or computer. Downloads are discounted for Audio Library subscribers.

How do I know if there is a handout or visual presentation to go along with the class recording?

When viewing an individual recording page, you may see a "Download Visual Presentation" or "Download Handout" link listed. Most of the presenters who used PowerPoints and handouts during the conference have allowed us to share them freely with Audio Library users.

Once I find them, how do I download the class recordings that I've purchased?

On most computers (including Macs), you should right-click the mouse button, and it will open a menu. Choose "Save Link As" or similar text, and then browse to the folder on your computer where you'd like to save the class - they are MP3 files. Then click "Save" and it should download to that location.

How do I find the class recordings that I've purchased?

There are three ways to see the files you've purchased that are available for download:

  • A post-purchase webpage (which is generated automatically after the purchase is completed) will have the link(s) to the file(s).
  • Click on "My Account" at anytime to view and download from the link(s).
  • Check the email address associated with your account - an email should have been sent with the link to your files.

Remember, each link can be downloaded up to three times.

What benefits do I get with an Audio Library subscription over buying individual audio downloads?

Our Audio Library subscribers are able to stream any recording they would like at no extra cost by simply navigating to the recording's page. Not only that, but if they decide they would like to download the recording, they can purchase it for $3 off the normal price! The advantage to downloading the file is the ability to put it on your computer or MP3 player and have it long after a subscription expires.