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2017 East Beginners' Seminar Collection

Our 2017 East Beginners' Seminar was taught by four homeschool moms and one homeschool dad, all of whom have years of home education under their belts. Listen to a former public school teacher, a current university professor, two women who had great professional careers but left them behind to... More
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2017 West Beginners' Seminar Collection

Are you still on the fence about pulling your kids from public school? Have you only been homeschooling a short time? Do you ever wonder if you are challenging your kids enough or too much? Are you fully utilizing the blessings of the Spirit to help guide you in your journey? This Beginners'... More
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A December to Remember

Are you looking for a way to make December a little more meaningful or to re-focus on Christ? This collection of recordings can help! Get ideas for creating new traditions and incorporating Christ and the gospel in your homeschool--during the holidays and beyond.    
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A Fresh Look at Math

Is the math education in your home getting stale? Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective. Mathematics, properly understood, is a broad and beautiful subject worthy of both appreciation and effort. The result of this effort is a really great brain.  This collection will help you, and perhaps... More
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A Guide to College for Parents and Youth

It's never too early to start thinking about college. And with so many college options now open to students, it's never too early to start attending college, either! This group of recordings will help you and your students navigate questions like, "How do I prepare for college?" "What is the first... More
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A New Look at Math

Are you and your children frustrated with math? Put traditional lessons on hold and try something new. Explore amazing online resources, enjoy the challenge of puzzles and brain teasers, unleash your creative side with math doodles, or snuggle up with a recommended math classic. No matter what you... More
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A Thomas Jefferson Education: A Primer

Have you heard of TJEd but just aren't sure what it actually is? Want to understand it better? This collection provides an explanation of a Thomas Jefferson Education, the Four Phases of Learning and the Seven Keys of Great Teaching, and demonstrates how different families use TJEd in their homes... More
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Adding in the Extras

Are you ready to go beyond reading, writing, and arithmetic? Here is where the fun begins! Brush up on manners, dabble in the arts, or enter a competition. This collection shares how other families have added the extras into their homeschool day.
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All Hands On Deck! Collection

One of the joys of homeschooling is having the time to learn in ways that don’t include a textbook, and playing with our kids is just plain fun, too.  What if you could combine those two things and learn while having fun?  It’s called hands-on learning, and it makes subjects more interesting and... More
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American History Collection

President Harold B. Lee said, "This is a great nation; this is a great country; this is the most favored of all lands. While it is true that there are dangers and difficulties that lie ahead of us, we must not assume that we are going to stand by and watch the country go to ruin. We should not be... More
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American History Youth Collection

Hearing stories from history helps our youth gain an appreciation for the people who had a hand in establishing this nation according to God's will. The four great speakers in this collection share their knowledge of American history and the Constitution. Enjoy during a summer vacation drive with... More
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Art and Kids: A Winning Combination Collection

Kids love art, and so do teens. We can nurture an increased understanding and assist the development of art skills as we learn more about it ourselves. Hear theory along with practical tips that can increase your child's art IQ. Understanding Art through Hands On Experiences, Daniel Ellis... More
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Become a Mentor: Inspire Your Children

Is how to mentor your kids a mystery to you? Solve the riddle as you learn from the experts what it really means to mentor your child. You'll gain ideas for truly motivating and inspiring them to know their mission and fulfill it. Don't miss these talks from popular speakers who have been there,... More
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Beginners' Bundle: A Boost of Confidence

Are you a beginning homeschooler and a little worried about where is path is going to take you? Are you concerned about how do the best for your children? Are you a little unsure about whether this is the right thing for your family? This collection will help lay your fears to rest so you can move... More
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Beginners' Bundle: A Day in the Life

You've read all the books, researched the myriad methodologies and philosophies, and checked out all the curricula, you're ready!  Except... what is homeschool supposed to look like?  This collection takes the mystery out of a day in the life of homeschool families.  You'll learn what works for... More
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Beginners' Bundle: Creating an Educational Environment in the Home

Homeschooling is more than educating your children in your house; it is about creating an educational environment or lifestyle that will allow you and your children to thrive. This collection is about doing just that - creating physical and cultural space in your home for education. Great for... More
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Beginners' Bundle: Full Seminar Plus!

Whether you've just finished your first year homeschooling or are still in the process of deciding - this collection of recordings may be just what you need.  It's like inviting eight experienced homeschool parents into your home to share with you what they have learned and hopefully answer a few... More
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Beginners' Bundle: Homeschool Philosophies

Beginning homeschoolers often are confused by the variety of homeschooling styles and philosophies used by their fellow homeschoolers. This collection will help you understand the differences, but also brings to the forefront the similarities at the basis of the different philosophies, emphasizing... More
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Beginners' Bundle: Making It Work

Making the decision to homeschool can be daunting. Once the decision is made, how do you start? How do you know what to teach? How do you still get the laundry done? This collection will help you put things in perspective and find the best path for your family.
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Beginners' Bundle: Seeing the Big Picture

This eclectic set of recordings from our Beginners' seminar will help you build confidence, gain from the hindsight of a veteran homeschooler, see the big picture and, last but not least, see a day in the life of four homeschool families. This collection includes recordings from Glenn Kimber, Karen... More
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