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Traci Hunter Abramson

Traci Hunter Abramson was born in Arizona, where she lived until moving to Venezuela for a study-abroad program. After graduating from Brigham Young University, she worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for several years, eventually resigning in order to raise her family. And though Traci found her passion in caring for her family, she couldn’t manage to forget the action... More

Jackie Ahrens

Jackie retired from the Fairfax County Police Department in 2006. Shortly thereafter, she was introduced to a program offered by United First Financial that eliminates interest on mortgages and other consumer debt and drastically reduces the terms. After a short time being on their program and seeing the value and need of such a program, she became an agent with them and... More

Mark & Bridgette Allen

Mark and Bridgette reside in Georgetown, Kentucky, and both are graduates of Eastern Kentucky University, where he majored in business and she in psychology. Though they had no previous intentions, they began the homeschool journey with their two teens about five years ago after attending an LDSHE conference where they were invited to teach dance.

Linzy Allen

Linzy and her husband have been homeschooling their four boys for six years. She loves being with her family and learning about and discovering new books to share together. She is passionate about many things, such as reading, quilting, photography, gardening, and coaching track. Her favorite activities to do with her kids are playing games and snuggling up with a book. Last,... More

Jacob Allred

Jacob Allred met his wife as BYU folk dance partners while working on his undergraduate in non-profit business. They are the parents of seven children whom they have always homeschooled, thirteen years and going strong. He and his wife were inspired to homeschool out of their desire to take a more active role in teaching and influencing their children to have faith in the Lord... More

Dr. Shawn Ambrose

After a disappointing kindergarten year with their oldest son, Shawn and Melinda Ambrose experimented with homeschooling for “one year.” Thirteen years later, the experiment continues with wonderful success. Shawn earned a Ph.D. in Organization/Management from Capella University; in addition, he holds an MBA from the University of Akron and a BA in Communications/Journalism... More

David Anderson

Mr. David Anderson has served Thomas Edison State College since March 2008. His responsibilities include executive management/oversight of the Offices of Admissions and Financial Aid including planning and directing for future actions, projects, programs, and gathering resources for them and other enrollment operations involving new and existing systems development and support... More

Jamie Anderson

During her undergraduate studies, Jamie Anderson felt inspired that at some point in her future, she would need to teach her children at home. Subsequently, she received her degree in elementary and special education from Brigham Young University-Hawaii and has loved homeschooling her children full-time as a mother and primary educator. Her homeschooling approach is eclectic... More

Tequitia Andrews

Tequitia Andrews and her husband, Londo, are college sweethearts. They have four beautiful children which they have been homeschooling for six years. She and her husband felt that homeschooling would give them an opportunity to provide a strong spiritual, as well as academic, foundation. Tequitia is a graduate of Virginia State University where she studied Sociology. She is a... More

Dr. John M. Armstrong

John M. Armstrong is the Willis J. Smith Professor of Philosophy at Southern Virginia University, where he has taught since 1998. He teaches SVU's core course, ʺReason and the Self,ʺ as well as ethics, political philosophy, classical Greek and Roman philosophy, and classical Chinese philosophy. He has led travel study courses in Rome, Greece, and China. Before teaching at... More

Wendy Ashby

Wendy is a mother of three with twenty-one years of homeschooling experience. She is passionate about homeschooling and feels it is part of her mission to help others in their homeschooling journey. Her two sons were both accepted to BYU. One is back at BYU after serving his mission, and the other finished his freshman year and is now out on his mission. Her daughter has just... More

Beth Ashton

Beth is acutely aware that life isn't always what we expect, but through life's trials she has come to trust her Creator's hand in her life. Although homeschooling was never in her original plan for motherhood, she has found it instrumental in helping her become who she came here to be. Learning along with her three children has enriched, challenged, inspired, and intrigued... More

Jeremy Ashton

Jeremy Ashton is a homeschooling father from Virginia. Jeremy is passionate about studying the principles of liberty.

Christina Atkinson

Christina Atkinson is a native Californian, mother of five children, and an originally-reluctant homeschool mom.  She lives in Northern Virginia with her family and has also lived in Utah, Texas and most recently Beijing China--where her children convinced her to homeschool them.  She loves to read, cook, and rock climb.  

Susan Atwood

Susan Atwood is a mother of two beautiful daughters; her oldest is a senior at BYU studying Media Arts/Screenwriting, and her youngest is completing her senior year in high school while concurrently enrolled at the local community college and loving it. This year will close 11 years of homeschooling for their family, and Susan counts those years as a wonderful adventure and... More

Angela Baker

When asked what she does, Angela Baker responds enthusiastically, “I do people!” She sees genius and beauty in every person and passionately believes that education should be about discovering and growing that genius. This life-long passion led her to seek alternative education for her children. She is an authentic, down-to-earth home educator of twenty-one years who knows the... More

Dr. Michael Ballam

Michael Ballam has had an operatic and recital career spanning four decades and every continent. A native of Logan, Utah, Dr. Ballam has performed in the major concert halls of America, Europe, Asia, Russia and the Middle East, with command performances at the Vatican and the White House. His operatic repertoire includes more than six hunderd performances of over seventy major... More

Shairee Bass

Shairee is a true southern gal that's been happily married for 25 years and blessed to raise four or five or six or seven children. She loves, feeds, and lifts anyone who hangs around long enough. She's taught seminary for three years and served in the Young Women's program too many times to count. She's supported her husband's dreams to become a neonatologist, worthy... More

Susan Wise Bauer

Susan Wise Bauer was educated at home by pioneering parents back when home education was still unheard of.  She is the author of The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had, and co-author, with her mother Jessie Wise, of The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home. She is currently at work on a four-volume history of the world.  ... More

Mark Beck

Mark started his first company at the age of seventeen to fund his missionary service in Japan. Following his mission, he attended BYU and taught at the MTC. During summer break, while back in his home-state of Oregon, he met his eternal companion, the former Adrienne Peacock. He married her in the Seattle Temple 28 years ago and they have five wonderful children. After... More
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