Board Members

Latter-day Saint Home Educators is run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about helping families to have success in their homeschool journey. Over 100 volunteers work year-round to make the two conferences happen and to fill the Resource Library with great things. LDSHE's Board of Directors is made up of experienced volunteers, all of whom are actively homeschooling.

Dana has always enjoyed teaching. In high school she had the opportunity to be a student teacher, but found the experience frustrating as she was constantly told “you can’t do that in a public classroom- there are too many kids.” After that... Read More
Marketing Director
Tina Huntsman has homeschooled since 2011 and has been involved in service with LDSHE since 2012. As the Marketing Director, she utilizes skills developed through her formal education (Master of Public Administration), her varied work experience (... Read More
From a young age Michelle Hale developed a love of learning and a desire to serve. This passion has landed her in unexpected places, like her current position serving on the Board of Directors as the Treasurer. She has lived in many locations... Read More
Venue Director
Erin Kokinda has always loved serving in any way that she can. After the birth of her first child, she has been a stay-at-home mom, but has continued to serve in any capicty that she could. She has served in her community, at the local elementary... Read More
Youth Conference Director
Jennie Jones has always loved learning but often felt restricted in the expectation of being what everyone else was. She earned a degree in Legal Administration from LDS Business college and planned to continue on to law school in the hope of... Read More